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Managing a commencement ceremony is a massive challenge whether it’s for a university, college or high school. With GradPak, the process becomes manageable and centralized. Any commencement ceremony can be successful if you have control over the process. GradPak helps you from registration to guest ticketing and real-time data reconciliation. Every part of your commencement ceremony can be tailored to your institution’s needs.

Developed in conjunction with the industry leaders involved with commencement ceremonies, GradPak is the complete web solution uniquely designed as an end-to-end management solution for graduation ceremonies at any academic level. GradPak allows prospective graduates easy access to every item of their graduation ceremony and offers a complete ecommerce module to provide students with a smooth shopping experience.

GradPak core services

Every service GradPak offers has been designed with the institution and graduating students in mind.
These services are easy to use and deliver on their intended purpose.

You can go for the traditional step-by-step registration process or allow your prospective graduates to sign up using just their institution ID. A questionnaire for alumni relations is included in this module.

Every institution that uses GradPak gets its own unique URL for its portal. Once this URL is placed on the event page of your institution, your prospective graduates will be able to access it to register for the event. Once graduates sign up, they will have access to all other components from alumni registration to ordering tickets for their guests.

With this module, your graduating students will be able to order tailored caps, gowns, and hoods. All they need to do is to provide their information.

This service enables institutions to offer tickets to students for their accompanying guests. The admin can restrict the number of tickets from the dashboard at any time during the registration phase.

Each ticket will have a QR code on it. GradPak’s app will scan and verify the ticket and update your dashboard with the attendance notification. You will stay updated on the number of remaining seats at all times.

The total number of attendees including the graduates and their guests will always be updated in real time on your organization portal. GradPak will create post-event reports for you which will contain all relevant information about every aspect of your event.

GradPak in action during graduation ceremony

Vendor integration

Vendors you approve will be able to showcase their merchandise in the shop section in your portal. Every item on display will have detailed information to ensure a pleasant shopping experience for your students.

Once your prospective graduates register for the event, they will be able to browse the shop section and place orders from any device. Paying for their memorabilia items is handled through a secure payment process. On the graduation event day, they will be able to collect their items. Using the scanning app, GradPak will verify every delivery and update the information on your dashboard instantly.

The analytics section will let you see which items from what vendors were purchased the most anytime anywhere.

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additional features

Apart from customizable registration for graduates to well-rounded analytics, GradPak offers a diverse range of additional features. Through these features, you will be able to address any event management need you may anticipate. With these, making your graduation ceremony a success will be simple and efficient.

Easy access for the prospective graduates

The branded URL created for you will let your students access every service that you have made available for them from your dashboard. Because of the responsiveness of GradPak, they will have a smooth user experience no matter how many students visit your portal or what device they use.

After they register for the ceremony, they will have complete access to the guest ticket ordering section or the virtual commencement slide creation.

Data reconciliation

Data reconciliation ensures your student information is updated at all times. First, information about your registered students will be sent to our system. We load this information on our custom data reconciliation app. During the event, every verification of attendance of students and guests from the GradPak scanning app is cross-checked against this database. Throughout the ceremony, our scanning app and the reconciliation app stays in stable sync.

As a result, your event team will stay informed of every situation during the event and make any necessary adjustments.

Payment and data security

The ecommerce module of GradPak boasts a highly secure payment gateway. Any transaction made through this gateway is processed through a safe channel. No matter what payment method your students use to pay for their favorite items, their information is protected from theft by industry-grade encryption.

To make the shopping hassle-free, all purchase information is backed up on our servers. In case a student doesn’t receive confirmation of payment, their purchase can be verified from your portal. This ensures that your students don’t need to pay twice in such situations.

Graduation guest ticketing

The scanning app

GradPak has a mobile scanning app for both iOS and Android platforms. With it, event coordinators stay on top of information regarding their attendees.

On the event day, the attendance of every student can be verified by scanning the QR code on their tickets and updated in your portal in real time. Furthermore, it can keep you informed of the number of guests attending the commencement ceremony.

GradPak registration service

Deferred and in absentia

Using this feature, students can inform the institution if they want to attend the graduation ceremony at a later date or graduate in absentia. They can easily access it from any device using your organization portal.

As GradPak does not lag, information will be updated in your system in real time. This lets you adjust the number of available guest and attendee tickets accordingly.

Secure payment

Detailed reporting

GradPak allows data-rich and event-specific reporting for both the institution and the vendors. The reports it generates contain data of registered attendees, number of guests accompanying them, purchased inventory, and deferred graduation.

These reports enable the institutions to organize better graduation ceremonies in future. The inventory reports benefit both the organization and the vendors by letting them know of the popular items and successful purchases.

GradPak portfolio

GradPak is used to successfully organize graduation events by prominent institutions in both the United States and Australia.

Purdue global logo

GradPak is the software backbone for Purdue Global’s registration process and slide-creation engine for their virtual ceremonies.

Brandman University

Graduates created individual slides with personal testimonial videos to use in Brandman’s virtual commencement in spring of 2021

Laramie Country Community College

GradPak works at smaller community colleges as well!

American College of Healthcare Sciences logo

Medical students want to celebrate their achievement! GradPak is a great solution for professional schools as well.

Luther College

Luther is a private, not-for-profit Baccalaureate College. GradPak slides were a memento for each graduate and used in their virtual ceremony.

University of Melbourne

GradPak coordinates the registration, regalia distribution and guest tickets for over 16,000 graduates each year at 32 ceremonies.

The University of Queensland

GradPak has been managing the tickets for over 23,000 guests at their commencement ceremonies.

Australian National University

GradPak captured regalia information and smooth distribution of over 5,500 robes at their commencement ceremonies.

La Trobe University logo

GradPak registers graduates, coordinates robe distribution, handles the orders for class rings, souvenirs, and plaques, as well as coordinating on-site flower orders, live-streaming of video and guest ticketing.

Deakin University Australia

GradPak registers graduates, coordinates robe distribution, handles the orders for class rings, souvenirs, and plaques, as well as coordinating on-site flower orders, live-streaming of video and guest ticketing.

University of Tasmania

GradPak registers graduates, coordinates robe distribution, handles the orders for class rings, souvenirs, and plaques, as well as coordinating on-site flower orders, live-streaming of video and guest ticketing.

RMIT University logo

GradPak photographed 10,000 students crossing the stage over 24 ceremonies in a single day.

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