GradPak for Vendors

A powerful ecommerce platform to promote your graduation merchandise

What is it?

Sell graduation event-related products and merchandise to the graduands from our online portal.

As a top-tier graduation event management software, GradPak allows you to have your own eCommerce platform for selling memorabilia. It’s a straightforward system, similar to any other online shop. But it’s customized to promote your merchandise with detail inventory management and an integrated payment gateway.  

Our system also generates a whole range of useful reports and updates the database instantly (using our GradPOS iOS app) during the event day.

Why it’s exclusive?

We have created a unique system solely targeted for graduation ceremonies.

We are offering the opportunity to both universities and vendors promoting different products and memorabilia to make the ceremony more engaging. It’s useful for all parties involved, including the attendees.

This system is fully integrated with GradPak, and everything can be managed from a single dashboard. Each vendor will have a separate backend or dashboard view ensuring all their inventory and sales data is private. 

The best part is that full system can be customized as per the university’s requirement.

How GradPak works

How does it work?

We will provide you with the medium to sell your desired products (graduation bear, flower, frame, plaque, ring, diary, etc.) through our online system. The detailed information about your merchandise, along with all of the required necessities, needs to be be uploaded to our online catalogue. 

Graduands can then easily access the catalogue from the event portal and order items online. For each order, a unique QR code will be generated which can be scanned and confirmed by GradPOS during the event day, and graduates can easily collect their orders. 

It’s a smooth process without any hassle. In addition to this, graduates can also order merchandise during the event day and receive the products without pre-order or prior booking.

How will this feature work out for you?

The graduation ceremony is one of the most sought-after moments in student life. It signals the ending of an important chapter and is special for the graduands and their families. The integrated ecommerce features within our graduation management system allow them to book their customized graduation merchandise with ease.

Having different types of unique products and memorabilia as a souvenir for the graduands will help increase the overall engagement of the attendees during the event. Different vendors who manufacture these products will be interested in collaborating with the universities, in selling their products, and promoting their business. On the other hand, universities will have an opportunity to earn some extra money as a commission, by allowing the vendors to feature their products to the event portal. This might reduce the overall cost of managing the event.

GradPak is proven to be an effective platform for both vendors and universities – to collaborate and make the graduation ceremony even more successful. In this way all parties will be benefited, students can buy the memorabilia from a single page, universities and vendors can build a long term partnership with each other, and the event will become truly special for all.

Have the perfect tool to efficiently manage your graduation event.