12 Ways to Create a Fun and Engaging Virtual Commencement

Are your students graduating from high school or college this year? Congratulations to them!

Now it’s time to celebrate the seniors to give them the shout-out and special recognition they all deserve. After all, they all are graduates now.

But since the in-person graduation ceremony is just not going to be practiced due to the COVID uncertainty in many places, a change in plans from in-person to virtual celebration can be taken as the most fitting solution to acknowledge the graduate’s accomplishment.

And while planning virtual commencement and digital shout-outs, make sure to give your best shot to turn the event into one hack of memory that your graduates will remember forever.

Lift the spirit of your seniors with a bit of creativity

From any high school virtual graduation ceremony, we can expect to see virtual graduate profiles to be shown on the school website, honoring the graduates by name while presenting the virtual diploma. However, to make your commencement stand out from ordinary events and let your graduates feel extra exciting and memorable, you need to let your creative juices flow.

Just because the ceremony is virtual doesn’t mean you will keep your dear graduates aside from donning the graduation cap and gown or clicking group pictures holding the diploma. After all, you can do ‘virtually’ anything. For example, organizing virtual contests, publishing yearbooks, or sending certificates at home, these simple ways can make you commemorate your graduates in style while making them feel more honored.

List of fun and engaging virtual commencement ideas

There are innumerable ways you can add fun stuff to make online graduation ceremonies engaging and memorable. The following list includes activities you can try on to create a fun and engaging virtual commencement.

Make a digital invitation

Create, announce and send custom invitations electronically to your graduates and guests. And to prepare your digital graduation announcement card in style, you can add an attractive layout, effects, images, illustrations, or icons along with a unique template. As a medium to share your words, you can choose digital services such as email or social media walls.

Deliver diplomas or degrees with wishes

While the graduating class can’t walk across the stage to receive their degree in hand like a traditional ceremony, you can plan to deliver diplomas directly to the recipient in advance. This surprise will add a tactile touch that will generate more excitement about the upcoming commencement ceremony. Also, a card or note of congratulations is always admired.

Send gifts or care packages to graduates

Who doesn’t love getting presents! From thank you cards to customized T-shirts, gratitude journals, to snacks or candy, you can pick any gift item as a congratulatory present. Deliver the gifts near in date to the graduation or send in advance with instructions to be opened on the day to boost the eagerness even more.

Arrange a cap décor contest

Create a chance for the graduates to win prizes by participating in a cap decorating contest on their big day. Ask them to submit the photos of their decorated caps on your institution’s social media channels and virtually declare the ‘most liked picture’ as the winner during the commencement day.

Build extra buzz on the social media wall

You can create an album featuring photos and experiences of your graduates, along with a bio. Or you can pay tribute to the graduating class by uploading clips and pictures of the class’ special moments and accomplishments on your social media channels. Also, you can re-share your student’s social media posts, tweets, TikTok videos to showcase all the lovely moments.

Add live or other interactive elements

This is a great way to make seniors feel included in the graduation ceremony, even from home. While choosing software for the virtual graduation program, check the available interactive features and tools. Such as, you can encourage attendees to react and socialize via chats, polls, or surveys. Otherwise, if you simply run the ceremony with no interaction, the engagement will become flat.

Encourage graduates to run unique hashtag

Ask your students to use relevant and unique hashtags whenever they post about the event online. Make your hashtag reflect your event to make your event memorable. The right hashtag can help you collate all the images, videos, and tweets that your students or guests post and get your event a significant spotlight.

Create a digital guestbook for parents and friends

Even when far apart, you can bring a community feels through arranging a digital guestbook. You can use various tools to allow the guests to leave heartwarming public notes or personalized video messages for the graduates. Having your graduates’ near and dear ones show support on their big day will make the seniors feel loved and supported.

Get a celebrity guest

Along with the commencement speaker, have a celebrity congratulate them during the ceremony. Think about the young generation’s choice while identifying the famous personalities your graduates will love to interact with. Or, to build up the enthusiasm more, you can create a poll or survey among the students to pick their choices prior to the main event day.

Plan a virtual grad night

Before the virtual commencement day, you can start the celebration early by throwing a virtual all-inclusive grad party. Look for engaging graduation party games and activities that the seniors can play online together one last time. For example, you can include a free prize raffle, cultural show, and dinner as part of your activities to build a spirit of togetherness among the graduates.

Arrange a graduation parade

Despite the COVID circumstances maintaining all the health restrictions, you can host a graduation parade as part of the graduation exercise to add more fun to the virtual commencement. Invite the graduate’s family members to decorate their cars with signs, streamers, balloons, and banners to turn the physically distanced graduation parade more momentous.

Share graduate photos and messages in the virtual yearbook

You can create a digital yearbook for the seniors to brighten up their commencement day. Ask the graduates for pictures to include those in the pages of the virtual yearbook. Also, keep some online space for comments where the students can leave personal messages. And once done, share the finished project among the graduates and encourage them to share on social media.

Organizing commencement online doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and memorable. Instead, with a rosy outlook and creative inspiration, you can celebrate graduates in a particular way while keeping the positive vibe going throughout their well-deserved moments.

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