Best Virtual Graduation Party Ideas for students

Graduation is, in one sense, the end of one long lovely ride of making friends, building memories and a tear-jerking moment for every graduate. However, we all know that the celebration always ends up by tossing the graduation caps in the air, including a party with huge gatherings. Still, regrettably, for the 2021 graduate’s festival, the crowd will be left out. Furthermore, the class of 2021 actually deserves more fanfare as, despite all the stress, uncertainty, and disappointment of missing out on every graduation function they looked for, they still did it!

Ideas to hand down a momentous virtual graduation party

Get a charge of you to make the senior’s graduation one to remember. Try to make your grad’s party memorable with a bunch of pomp and happenings even while celebrating at home.

DIY graduation accessories (including your gown and cap)

Gift your grad a graduation memory wreath. Collect pictures of your grad from birth through the present, make an outline of the wreath form and attach the images together to that form. To decorate extra, add flowers, wish cards, and cash too. Try to make it personal (it’s alright to shed some tears while you make it).

✫ Craft a graduation wreath

Gift your grad a graduation memory wreath. Collect pictures of your grad from birth through the present, make an outline of the wreath form and attach the images together to that form. To decorate extra, add flowers, wish cards and cash too. Try to make it personal (it’s alright to shed some tears while you make it).

✫ Arrange a graduation message balloon bouquet

Create variance in your graduation party décor by keeping a balloon bouquet adding some congratulatory messages in bold colours such as “Fly as high as your dream”, “You did it”, “Congratulations to our 2021 grad”, and many more.

✫ Send some care packages to the guests

Find an option to connect with your virtual guests by sending care packages such as a frame ornament, truffle packets, sweet treats, personalized t-shirts with “thank you” cards. Also, don’t forget to put face mask and hand sanitiser kit too.

✫ Customized graduation yard signs

Anyone can always tell when it is grad time in the neighbourhood because of the backyard decoration with all the graduation yard signs and balloons. You can either create a DIY or order your personalized yard sign online while displaying your grad’s photo in the spotlight.

✫ Create a dazzling backdrop

Try customizing your party backdrop, aka photo booth, with fun props and colourful decorating kits. You can also keep it as your background during virtual party time. You can put printed or solid colour fabrics or use a large foam board to decorate the wall or hang a giant congratulation banner in the middle of your glitter backdrop.

✫ Key to success

Request your guests to put in writing to share their key to success with the guest of honour, the grad. Or you can ask them to send in advance and decorate those “secrets to success cards” by cutting in vintage key shapes.

✫ Create extra buzz through social media

If you want to turn the event broad, use social media channels. Create your hashtag for the event or open an event page and invite your guests. Request your guests to post humorous pictures and screenshots of the screening party or share their throwback memories with the grad using the hashtag and to make your grad feel loved.

✫ Arrange a special guest to show up at your party

Hire any performer that your grad admires the most. It can be a celebrity, singer, dancer, or motivational speaker. To reach out to them, you can contact any booking agent to negotiate. This is one great way to leave your grad in awe and make the party enduring for a lifetime.

✫ Online game night

Toast your grad’s success and boost the mood up with some virtual graduation game celebration. Give prominence to your grad and plan the games about them. For example, you can make a questionnaire about your grad and ask the guests to know ‘who knows your grad most’ or play ‘this or that’ challenge and let your grad reveal the correct answers.

✫ Throw a distanced drive graduation parade

In lieu of those traditional parties, throw a graduation parade surprise to your grad. Send goody bags to the guests to decorate their cars and request them to come up with banners, flags or posters that will work to cheer the grad up. Also, set a timeframe for the parade and let your guests know.

✫ Create a personalized invitation card

Send out a creative, full of fun, and exciting designed invitation card to announce the new grad. Customize it in your own way while sharing all the information that matters. You can either go offline or completely online to announce your cheer.

✫ Throw a watch party

Get yourself set with some snacks to stream together with your friends and family. Ask the grad to choose their fav series, movies or any TV show and share the link with every guest of yours and enjoy together with just a few clicks.

✫ Add the grad’s favourite favours to the food menu

Create the food menu putting all the favourite items of your grad. Send o box of meals to every attendee so that all can dig into the same food items together virtually. To get the festive vibe, decorate the dessert items by adding customized toppers or other toppings.

✫ Create a video montage

Hunt down to your grads loved once, from their favourite teacher to school friends, sharing their memories with the grad for a short video. Then, compile all the clips to make a special montage and play it during the event to delight your graduate.

These are some graduation party ideas that might help you disclose your excitement to acknowledge your grad’s remarkable achievement.

The tassel is definitely worth the hassle

The would-be graduates might be spending their days registering for their commencement online, sitting in their room while they were supposed to be busy organizing their grand night functions or choosing their outfits for senior pictures. But only if the world is healed by now. Since the schools or colleges are already conducting the college or high school virtual graduations accepting the unprecedented uncertainty, then why don’t you plan some at home too!

So before your senior start packing up for college or planning to move to a new city to enter into the corporate world, mark the milestone for your grad by throwing a bash at home. This is a beyond proud moment that your grad is one step closure to embark on a new adventure, so show how honoured you are for their triumph.

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