Virtual Graduation Ideas to celebrate the class of 2022

Graduation symbolizes change; it signifies the beginning of the next, an important transition for students. It comes with an opportunity to acknowledge the end of an era, mark past accomplishments, and celebrate all the growth and change.

For any student, graduation is a big deal, maybe even more extensive than we even think of. After all, graduating is not something they can do any day or every day. It is the day when they can take pride in having met all the graduation requirements successfully, the moment where they cheer and sign with relief and pride.

And this is what makes graduation one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments that are meant to be made special.

Honor and say goodbye to fellow graduates by giving a celebration to remember

The graduation celebration is typically capped by an in-person graduation ceremony in which students wearing gowns and caps perform a ceremonial walk across the stage to receive their diploma in a formal setting. But due to the sudden hit of the COVID pandemic, the classes of 2020 and 2021 experienced the senior years unlike any other in recent history, where virtual celebration has become the norm. 

Now at this point, even in 2022, though many of the institutions have gotten the virtual graduation game down, many still prefer it ideal for graduates and their loved ones to celebrate as restrictions are still placed on certain locations. So no matter what, even if you need to go online to celebrate the class of 2022, take all the skills and innovative ideas to throw the most engaging college or high school virtual graduation ceremony that your graduates will reminisce about.

Need any ideas to pull off a massive virtual graduation celebration? Here’s some

There are multiple ways to mark this special occasion with the fanfare it deserves. Make the virtual graduation a key part of their timeline that they would love to look back on again and again. 

You need a virtual graduation platform first

Choosing a trusted and easy-to-use software for virtual graduation is essential to avoid any technical difficulties and experience flexibility. It can make or break the quality of your virtual graduation. Hence it pays off to do some research into features, cost and tech support.

GradPak is one such end-to-end graduation management software that offers top-notch services which require little know-how. Its core services include online registration, personalized graduation slide, accurate name pronunciation, and graduation ceremony video; a complete package you need to throw a memorable virtual graduation celebration.

Create a custom virtual background

A custom virtual background usually allows one to create a unique visual presence as per their choices. In one way, it can help your graduates to hide any unsightly clutter behind them during the virtual ceremony, and in another way, it can help to add a format touch throughout the virtual occasion as you can bring the feeling of being in a graduation stage. Also, there’s tons of room for creativity when it comes to creating a custom virtual background. 

Digitized graduation tradition

Just because you are organizing virtual graduation doesn’t mean you have to move the soiree and all other graduation traditions. Instead, try to digitize all graduation traditions, like you can ask students to prepare video footage of the tossing their graduation hats in the air. Or, you can make your graduates displayed on mobile robots and give them a chance to experience walking across the stage and accepting their diplomas. 

Get all your graduates a gift

You can congratulate your graduates with gifts that are both useful and fun. For example, you can frame a copy of their recently earned diploma or a group picture of the ‘Class of 2022’ and mail it back to them as a surprise. You can even pick the personalized graduation stuffed bear or personalized graduation crest as an ideal gift option that the graduates can keep forever as a memory token.

And if you use GradPak, this platform will let you allow vendors and showcase every piece of merchandise with detailed information and verify every delivery and update on the dashboard. So you can offer graduation merchandise in your organization’s online portal, where your students can place their orders to purchase any of their favorite memorabilia items.

Arrange online campaigns or competitions

Instead of turning the virtual graduation becoming dull, you can add some spice to the celebration. You can create a social wall and arrange cultural competitions among the graduates. For example, you can curate a photography show, music competition, or cap decorating contest and showcase those performances on social media platforms using custom hashtags. And with this, graduates will feel the love of the community even with no physical gathering.

Ask students to dress up

Asking your students as well as the guests to dress will turn the virtual celebration feel more formal. After all, it is not an ordinary occasion to attend wearing sweatpants, right? Because for a graduate, even without the pomp and circumstances, the significance of wearing a cap and gown still means special. 

Live stream during the event

When it comes to a graduation ceremony, from teachers to students, family members to friends, many people are involved. And here, while arranging commencement online, you can use the power of the internet to include all the well-wishers in one platform. Livestream the graduation ceremony in real-time and ensure no one misses the big day.

Add some elements of surprise

No one enjoys sitting and staring at the screen for a longer time. Hence to grab the graduate’s and attendee’s attention, you can include some elements of surprise in your planning. Consider inviting an influencer or persona from your community that everyone looks for to share their special commencement speech for your dear grads. Or create a heartwarming memory reel including clips and clicks from their orientation day to rag day. 

Collect wisdom and wishes

Contact family, friends, faculties, or alumni to collect wisdom and wishes. It can be a congratulatory message, motivational speech, an embarrassing childhood story, or some serious pep talks about adulthood. And as a medium, you can ask each of the participants to film a video which you can compile into one surprise video. 

Explore the campus via a virtual tour

In order to take your graduation celebration to the next level, create the opportunity for your grads to explore the campus together via a virtual tour. By arranging a 360-degree virtual tour, students who are thousands of miles away can reminisce about their campus life and make them feel nostalgic. Also, it will even cost you none of the time, travel, or money. 

So from virtual diploma distribution to the custom virtual background to online cultural programs, there are a bunch of acts that you can apply to celebrate the exclusive occasion. Hopefully, all the ideas shared above will inspire you to put your best to create a special moment for your students. 

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