How to Promote Your School’s Commencement On Social Media?

A school’s commencement program is much more than a ceremony marking the student’s official graduation; for the school authority, it is an excellent opportunity to showcase and market a school. This is why many school authorities choose to turn their commencement ceremony into their marketing asset in building their school’s brand.

Just give a rapid scan on social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter). You will get a bunch of viral clicks and clips of iconic graduation moments, speeches, and pictures of various schools and colleges that racked up millions of views or likes worldwide. And this shows, if your school is not on this board, the prospective students and parents might be missing your online voice, making your school unrecognized.

Create some buzz about your school’s commencement on social media

No doubt, for any institution having an online social presence is vital in this day and age. And just like any other institution, for schools, a social media profile is hands-down one best way to reach the prospective, current and former students. Especially ever since schools are organizing commencement online due to COVID restriction, social media has become a great medium to share the moments of the monumental event.

Again the social media landscape has become quite competitive in recent days, and it is not an easy cookie to crack to be the talk of the town. The more captivating your graduation posts will be, the more you will get people talking. Hence to turn your social media graduation posts competition-ready and make them irresistible to your audience, you need to gather some buzzy ideas.

Some nifty social media promotional ideas to market your commencement program:

Apply the following potentially viral tricks while marketing your commencement event on the social media platform.

Create social media hashtags-

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In order to help spread the information about your school commencement event, hashtags can be an excellent resource for engagement. Along with choosing popular graduation hashtags to grow your social media profile, you can make a custom hashtag referring to your school to get your content in front of a wider audience. Then ask all the graduates and attendees, from parents to teachers, to use those selected hashtags while posting the graduation photos on their social media profile.

Also include those hashtags in all your school announcements, emails, ads, or posts related to your commencement. Even to track your hashtag’s performance, you can use social media management software for hashtag analysis.

Go live-

Let your attendees explore the graduation options. For those students who can’t make it to the ceremony in person, keep the live streaming option open and make it available on your social media pages. Such as to host your high school virtual graduation, you can use professional software for live streaming to popular social media channels like Facebook or Instagram and produce a top-notch virtual graduation ceremony. 

Create custom filters and stickers-

Nowadays, filters and stickers are everywhere on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat. When done strategically, this growing social trend can get you a ton of benefits while promoting your school commencement. For example, to get involved and relevant, you can create custom filters and stickers by adding your school premises or commencement stage in the background. Even to get hit on a sharable filter, you can create filters with a graduation cap and gown. Anything you choose as design, make sure that those are fun, relevant, and sharable enough to generate hype. 

Make trendy TikTok/Instagram reels-

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Both TikTok and Instagram reels have become the trendiest social network used by generation Z. So by creating and crafting short videos which are about 15 to 30 seconds long; you can show some glimpse of the commencement adding some effects and songs. You can also ask for help from your graduates to create trendy graduation content using hashtags like #ShowMeYourWalk or #tossyourcap and encourage them to participate.

Feature graduate profiles-

Personalized graduate slide by GradPak

Even if you are organizing an online graduation program, using software for virtual graduation, you can create or let your graduates make personalized graduation slides with pictures and videos, which you can share on your social media feed. Also, you can find inspirational life stories among your graduating students to feature in your posts. With this, the students and families will have the urge to share your post on their profile which will ultimately create an opportunity for you to get on the radar of many prospective parents who might be seeking schooling options for their children.

Collaborate with alumni’s and share their stories-

Show off your alumni’s success stories on your social media pages and invite them to share their thought on the commencement event you are holding. It will in one way encourage your graduates and in another way provide a good impression on the prospects. But collaborating with the former students, you can encourage members of the alumni community to share your social media content regarding your commencement for broader outreach.

Ask the commencement speaker to share the contents-

Select your commencement speaker who has a big following and influence and ask for their help to promote your school’s commencement event. Because simply by spreading the word and contents in social media profiles, they can make your promotional effort smooth while getting broader outreach. Such as your speaker can repost or share your content, like or comment on your post to distribute your content to their existing connections. 

Announce photo contest for the graduates-

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Announce a surprising high school graduation photo contest on your social media channels and encourage all to take part. For example, you can ask your students to submit their graduation-themed photos which will be shared on your school’s Facebook or Instagram page. And the most liked photo holder will win the prize. Here you can give your graduate’s one week to maximize their chances of winning by tagging and sharing the post with their friends and family.

To grow your school’s social media following, this is how you can use your school commencement as your content asset for your education marketing strategy. After all, school is all about community, and social media is that platform that creates the opportunity to have a robust following. 

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