Check Back Into In-Person Commencement Ceremonies

The global Covid-19 pandemic saw the widespread usage of virtual commencement ceremonies. Virtual commencements were a readily available digital-age solution to the challenge of celebrating academic achievements while limiting face-to-face contact. The ensuing virtual celebrations provided a fantastic alternative to traditional commencements; however, there is no substitution for an in-person celebration’s splendor and sensory delight. Thankfully, many localities worldwide are enjoying re-obtained liberties, which permit the re-introduction of this magnificent rite of passage.

Re-Commencing Commencements during the Covid-19 Pandemic

However, re-introducing in-person and hybrid (part-in-person, part-virtual) commencement ceremonies poses many new challenges for academic institutions worldwide.

Principal challenges include:

  • How to ensure the safety of attendees and the wider community.
  • How to comply with government event ordinances.
  • How to securely obtain and manage contact tracing data

Savvy Software Solutions

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Fortunately, many commencement software suites provide practical and cost-effective remedies to these problems.

These include:

  • Integrated data submission functions – Streamline your event bookings with the ability to obtain contact tracing data while receiving bookings.
  • Accessible and manageable data – Maintain and access the information your institution needs to provide governments with contact tracing data in the event of a Covid-19 exposure.
  • Real-time data access – Review your event capacity in real-time to ensure that attendance limits are maintained.
  • Safeguarded data – Secure the contact tracing data of attendees with software operated via multiple secure servers monitored by certified IT professionals. This is an immensely safer option than storing the data on vulnerable institution-operated systems.
  • Purpose-built QR code check-in app – Enable your event-day staff to quickly check-in attendees with a dependable, mass-sync, smart device app. A commencement-specific QR code app’s advantage over generic rivals lies in its academic-event-specific abilities, including enhanced security, commencement software database integration, mass device synchronization, and greater reliability.

Check-Out of Government System Reliance

The employment of an independent attendance registration and booking database may seem redundant given the ubiquitous usage of government check-in systems; however, reliance on third-party data is both insufficient and problematic.

Concerning limitations of government systems include:

  • An inability to access data – the data obtained via government check-ins are only accessible to government personnel. This is problematic as it does not allow for event day management of arrived attendees or remaining seating. Furthermore, it creates difficulty in contacting attendees in the event of Covid-19 exposure.
  • Insufficient Covid-Safe Precautions – Presently, most governments globally will not permit events to proceed without organizers complying with strict government requirements. Reliance on government check-in systems is insufficient for this purpose as it does not provide real-time check-in data. This is a problem as event staff cannot rely on booking data for event-day capacity management due to the inevitable last-minute cancellations, bookings, change of guest details, and ticketing requests.

Not All Commencement Software Systems Are Equal

With the need for commencement software being established, selecting a product that suits your individual needs is vital. In addition, the software must be capable of combating the challenges presented by the pandemic. These challenges demand that your software possess specific attributes; it must be specialized while versatile, quick while comprehensive, and accessible while secure.

Technical specifications to scout for include:

  • A dependable purpose-built QR code scanning application suitable for hand-held devices and capable of mass-synchronization.
  • Access to real-time data with viewable event capacity and remaining seat function.
  • Centralized management of bookings and on-the-day check-ins.
  • Secure data protection provided by multiple servers is continuously subjected to penetration testing.

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