What is GradPak

GradPak is the Complete Online Solution for Graduation Event Management

GradPak is the most popular, and top-rated online graduation event management software in Australia. From registration and regalia management to guest ticketing tailored to individual graduands' need, GradPak takes the stress off you during the event and gives you peace of mind in regards to executing your graduation event flawlessly.

Developed in conjunction with the industry leaders in graduation services and some of Australia's most qualified IT professionals, GradPak is the complete web solution uniquely designed to cater for end to end management of graduation ceremonies at any academic level.

Our system allows graduands to access every item of their graduation ceremony (as specified by the University) with just one click! GradPak's holistic approach to graduation management also includes a powerful ecommerce system for selling graduation related memorabilia and merchandise during the event. Our friendly staff are available 24/7 to assist you in uploading these items and configuring everything properly. All these make GradPak the go-to online solution for graduation event management.

GradPak services

Here at GradPak, we strive to provide a seamless, memorable experience because we understand the importance of graduation day; which truly is a special day for everyone involved.

  • Registration

We offer fully customizable registration system according to each university or vendor's specific requirement.

For instance, if the university wishes, they can have a step-by-step registration system where the graduands have to register to the event first, and then they'll be able to access other items. Or, they can deploy a flexible system where registration and other services (regalia/guest ticketing/merchandise) are discrete to each other.

Universities are given a uniquely generated URL for their organization portal. In that university portal, all the services/items they want to allow for the event will be displayed. All they'll have to do is to put that link to the university page (event page). Upon clicking the registration link, graduands get access to the portal, and after submitting the required information, they will be able to register for the event. The university can fully customize this registration process and arrange this as they desire.

  • Regalia

We provide individually tailored gowning for students on their graduation day. After providing the required information, graduands will be given the option to either hire or purchase gowns, hoods, and trenchers.

Using our GradPOS scanning app organizers can scan the orders and confirm the delivery of the regalia to the graduands. The data is instantly updated to our secure server and can be accessed anytime from the dashboard.

  • Ticketing

If the students wish to bring guests to their graduation ceremony, our ticketing service allows them to book tickets for their guests (depending on the limit set by the university).

GradPOS plays a role here to validate tickets of attending guests. It will scan the QR code on the guests’ ticket, check the number of allocated seating (if any), and update the data to the system instantly. It's a simple, efficient, and quick process.

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GradPak Key Features

GradPak takes pride in the professional services it provides to both universities and graduates, offering a range of features to meet all needs and budgets. We have assembled a variety of distinctive features to provide you with the gateway to hosting a successful graduation ceremony.

Easy access for graduands

Our system allows graduands to access every element of their graduation experience (offered by the university) with just one click. All they need is to click on the unique link (provided on the event page),

enter the required information to log in to the event portal, and from that portal, they'll be able to explore all the services and items.

Data reconciliation

Data reconciliation is an important feature for better managing the graduation event.

Before the event, all the required information for the participating graduands is shared with us and on the event day we cross-check the attendance of both graduands and their guests using the GradPOS app. 

This helps the management team and floor staff to be synced all the time and easily access the live data, and helps the university team to instantly prepare testamur and graduate announcement orders without any hassle.

We have a dedicated reconciliation app for this purpose which comes very handy during the tense moments of the event day. Thanks to the perfect integration of GradPOS data to our smart system, the whole reconciliation process happens smoothly and instantly.

Attendee management

We gather the registration requirements (registered users, seat allocation, etc.) of attendees' beforehand and cross-check attendance by using our scanning app. The data is updated live to the system and can be exported any time, in a table format. This will help the organizer quickly resolve any attendee or seating related issue and make sure the event runs smoothly.

Merchandise management

Using our ecommerce platform vendors can easily sell their desired products (graduation bear, flower, frame, plaque, ring, diary, etc.).

We will provide the medium for the vendors to showcase your merchandise to the graduands. The detailed information about your merchandise will be uploaded to our online catalogue.

Graduands can easily access the catalogue from the event portal and book online. During the ceremony, they will be able to collect their products by confirming their order QR code scanned by GradPOS. It is a simple yet efficient system. You can view all your ongoing orders and inventory status live from GradPak's dashboard, anytime.

GradPOS: the scanning app

Our iOS scanning app GradPOS can be used in many ways.

Each graduand has to validate their registration with GradPOS before entering the venue on the graduation day. The same applies to their guests (tickets). As they're pre-booked for the event, GradPOS will scan their ticket and immediately cross-check the data with our system, and allow them to enter only when the process is complete.

In addition to this, GradPOS is also used to access other services and merchandise to scan its unique reference code. Every service and product will have a unique QR code that enables GradPOS to confirm the booking and ensure the delivery is smooth and hassle-free.

Deferred and in absentia

There could be various reasons for which a graduand is unable to attend their graduation event. Keeping that in mind, we have included “deferring” and “in absentia” features. Whether they want to defer their graduation to a later time or graduate in absentia, GradPak offers the means to address the scenario for both university and graduands.

If a graduand has registered to the event but later changes their mind and decides not to attend the ceremony, 

the deferral allows the graduand to graduate either in person or in absentia at a later occasion. If they graduate in absentia, their testamur (certificate) will be sent to them directly.

Detailed reporting

Our system generates event-specific useful reports for both university and vendor. Reports include live data of registered attendees, ticketing information, inventory status, order status, etc. All data will be recorded against every individual registered graduands' reference ID.

The order report contains information on successfully paid orders of selected products.

Data on each of the products being provided by the vendor in the graduation ceremony is present here.

Payment and data security

Our system is integrated with one of the most secured payment gateways, Stripe, which ensures all payments and transactions are secure and safe. Also, all of your sensitive information is encrypted, and your data is backed-up in our servers to make sure there is no loss of data under any circumstances.

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We have been working with some of the top universities in Australia.

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