GradPak for Universities

Ensuring smooth management and a successful graduation ceremony

GradPak is an end to end software solution for graduation event management. From guest ticketing to regalia hire tailored for individual students needs, GradPak takes all the stress out of running your event, ensuring graduands the very best graduate experience possible.

Our integrated ecommerce platform allows universities to partner with graduation product merchandisers. Product vendors can easily promote graduation memorabilia and souvenirs through our online product catalogue. Students can easily access our system using their student ID and book tickets, regalia, and other graduation memorabilia without any hassle.

Our effective scanning app, GradPOS is used to validate tickets and orders on the spot, and allows manage everything smoothly. Data is updated live in our system and reports can be generated anytime with just a few clicks.

Minimal stress for the event organizers

The administration team for the graduation ceremony will not have to worry about tracking the attendance of graduands, and GradPak minimizes the number of staff needed to run around on Graduation day looking for lost students!

GradPOS also helps the event management team to quickly figure out how much regalia has been returned and what is still pending.

In addition to this, from live updated data the system can identify how many guests are yet to take their seats and how many tickets are used at any time of the day. The best part is that anyone from the event team or the university authority will be able to access this data from the backend, if allowed the proper access level.

Complete event management at your fingertips

GradPOS is the key to the whole event management process. It’s used to seamlessly manage graduand registration, regalia booking, and guest ticketing services. GradPOS is an advanced scanning app with a wide array of usages.

Every booking from the event portal (be that registration/regalia/tickets/merchandise) will generate a unique QR code which will be scanned by the GradPOS app during the event before taking any action. 

The scanned data is instantly updated to the system and simultaneously synced to all reports. It’s a nifty tool that you can use to manage different aspects of your event.

Powerful eCommerce solution integrated

We have integrated a powerful and easy to use ecommerce platform with our system to manage all sorts of graduation merchandise (e.g. flowers, rings, bears, degree plaques, frames, etc.) for the event that are allowed by the university.

Graduands will have to pre-book their desired products from the respective university portal, and can easily collect them during the event.

In addition to this, graduates can also order merchandise during the event day, on the spot, and receive their products without any pre-order or booking. Thanks to the smart order management and inventory system, vendors will be able to calculate the total number of pre-ordered items and come prepared with enough merchandise on the event day. This all happens swiftly and can be managed easily using GradPak.

Multiple reports and data security

Our system generates useful, event-specific reports for both the university and the vendor. Reports include live data on registered attendees, ticketing information, inventory status, order status and so on. This data will be recorded against every individual registered graduands' reference ID.

At GradPak, payment and data security is paramount. We use Stripe, one of the most secured payment gateways for all our transactions, ensuring all the payments and transactions are safe and secure. 

We encrypt sensitive data before storing it and ensure all the data is fully backed-up on our servers so that there is no loss of data under any circumstances.

Serving leading institutions

We have been working with some of the top universities in Australia.

Have the perfect tool to efficiently manage your graduation event.