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Offer ends on 27th January, 2021

For each prospecting graduate, $1 will be reduced from GradPak’s $995 setup fee. The higher the number of graduating students, the more your cost is reduced (up to $995). It’s as simple as that!

This offer is valid till 27th January 2021.
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*Minimum fee for ordering graduation slide is $900
The cost per graduation slide is $3
The cost per graduation slide is $2.5
The cost per graduation slide is $2
Graduation slide: Setup fee:
Graduation slide: Setup fee:

Manage your online commencement with ease

Why do you need GradPak
as your virtual graduation partner ?

With GradPak, you will be able to manage your virtual graduation ceremony with unprecedented
ease and comfort. It enables you to personalize your commencement ceremony in a manner that
your graduating students wouldn’t stop talking about and remember for years to come.

You can get all these useful features:

Students on the graduation day

You will be able to customize the registration process for your prospective graduates in any way convenient for you. From choosing the number of form fields to required student information, everything can be customized to fit your needs.

GradPak’s smart built-in technology creates a personalized graduation slide with your institution’s name and logo for each graduating student. You can customize what students can upload: their photo, personal statement and/or their name pronunciation audio file in the slide. The process is seamless and hassle-free.

Personalized graduate slide by GradPak
Students on their graduation ceremony

Have our voice-over professionals totally at your disposal to make sure the name of each graduate is announced accurately on your commencement day. They can also create audio clips of your students’ names to embed in the graduation slides.

This graduation video will include the speeches of the dignitaries, the degree conferral of every student with an accurately synched personalized graduation slide. Additionally, you will have our name-calling experts to ensure accurate pronunciation of students’ names.

Happy graduate hugging friend


Is GradPak only for university graduations?

GradPak is available for universities, colleges and high schools for both registration and virtual graduation celebrations.

Can the institutions customize GradPak’s solutions according to their needs?

Yes, GradPak is a fully customizable virtual graduation solution.

How long will the online graduation link
be available to view?

Institutions will decide how long the online commencement
link will be available on the web.

Is GradPak globally available?

Yes, GradPak is available globally. Any university can use our system and  prospective graduates can register from anywhere in the world (subject to local laws and regulations).

How can students register for virtual graduation?

The institutions can create their own registration system or can use GradPak’s built-in registration system and share the URL with students.

Can I edit the student graduation slides?

Yes, you will have full control over the graduation slides and modify any content from the system.

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