How to Plan and Host a Virtual Graduation Party

Graduation is all about marking to the sweet ending and new beginning.

The 2021 graduates are those who just passed after a jillion online classes, virtual paper submissions, screening interviews or viva and what not! No matter what, the whole year of virtual struggle simultaneously online has to be paid off.

Certainly, the in-person celebration can wait till the world heals, but you have the virtual way open, right? So explore, find all the alternatives of in-person graduation events, create a master plan to celebrate your grad’s success.

Plan to host a graduation party with a blast-

Need some ideas to begin with planning? Read on and make the most of your toast to the 2021 graduating class.

⬗ Invite your guests-this time digitally

When celebration will happen digitally, what’s wrong with e-invitation then? But before pressing the final send button, find out that all details are typed. Remember, this is not any formal official email; try to give some effort and make your excitement visible through the invitation to your guests. Include your event type, mention if you have dinner together or some snacks, add event link, platform, check-in time also put the dress code. Attach your grad’s picture wearing their cap and gown, or add some fun by making a collage with their preteen pictures! Also, leave words for your guests to express how their presence (through the screen) would mean to your grad.

⬗ Be inventive to décor

Since your grad put all the hard work in all these years, it’s your time to do some creative homework. Firstly, create a photo wall or memory board to take your grad on a trip back to their school years or childhood memories. Then, successfully plan one epic blast with themed décor. For example, you can create a superhero-themed party for your Marvel fan grad or turn your home into Hogwarts if your grad is Potterhead. Finally, do some DIY to make props to decorate the background for your grad’s Instagram and Snapchat clicks to turn the virtual event less like a formal meeting setup.

⬗ Make yourself familiar with the proven platform

With the outbreak of COVID 19, the upraise of virtual events happened compared with the usual. Software for virtual graduation like GradPak has become the safest platform to organize commencement online.

There are also many virtual event platforms that create the opportunity for the users to utilize a hassle-free online platform. To host your grad’s college or high school virtual graduation party, you can choose one event platform as Event bookings. It will take only some minutes to register and create your event. Once you create your private graduation party event, you can share the link with your guests and become familiar with the program; you can create a demo event also.

⬗ Why not schedule some “fun and games” time?

Before the celebration turns snoozy, start the gaming session with your guests. Games like Pictionary, Charades, Bingo can be played easily virtually. Or you can arrange some self-made questionnaire games keeping the grad in the center for the guests such as ‘who knows the grad most’ or ‘two truths one lie about the grad’. There are also a ton of games that can not only add joy to the virtual session but also ensure the involvement of all the guests.

⬗ Have a surprise guest

You definitely will try to gather all your loved ones to celebrate together the success of your grad. Here you can keep some surprise for your grad by inviting someone they might not expect. Select someone whose presence will make your grad thrilled and inform them to make their own personalized speech for your newly grad. You can choose among their best friends, grandparents, favorite teachers, or a celebrity they consider as their idol!

⬗ Save some time to eat together

After all the fun activities, make a toast with your guests while having snacks or dinner together. Since any party is incomplete without food and you should be the one who should serve your guests, get creative. So, if you are ready to take some extra hassle, you can send some customized food items with food kits to your invited guest’s home and make it feel more like a dinner out celebration. Or you can offer your new grad’s favorite snacks or a goodie box 2/3 days earlier before the virtual gatherings.

⬗ End the party on a great note

At last, you can share the Livestream link of your grad’s commencement online and enjoy again the precious moment with all the near ones who were not part of the main event. You can also collect wisdom and words from all your guests for the new grad. Grab screenshots with all your virtual guests for the photo fun and end your event by sending a virtual thank you card to your guests for sharing their time to make your event memorable.

Virtual graduation parties might not be the same as in-person gatherings, but adding these ideas while planning lets your party turn out to be as cheerful it should be. So, even though the celebration might be occurring in your backyard while meeting on screen, give your fullest to create a virtual happy hour to celebrate the milestones of your younger grad.

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